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Chopan, VST Autopanning with a difference


click for full size screenshot Add rhythmical spatial processing to beats, loops, solos and pads.

  • triggered pan sweeps on every note
  • synced pan keeps the effect in time with the host BPM
  • wide range of repeating and non-repeating patterns
  • LFO Modulation for wandering across the stereo field, or for tremolo type effects
  • Central display shows pan position in real time.

Autopan is often used to add colour to music, but with Chopan there's a whole range of new sounds to be had. Not only that, but with our 'variable trigger threshold' remixers can pick out sounds from a beat for treatment, for example you could leave the kick and snare at full force in the center while panning the hi-hat.

Read the MANUAL online for full feature list.

Download Software, Listen to Examples

The Demo version of Chopan allows you 3 minutes of full featured use, after that there will be small interuptions in the sound. When you're sure you like all the new sounds that are available, you can purchase online directly from the Demo, and be running the registered version right away.

Go to our DOWNLOADS page to get the software for pc or mac.

Go to our PURCHASE page for full details of how to buy, essential reading if you want to run Chopan on a computer without internet access. Your credit card will be charged $30 US, or the equivalent in your own currency (about 20 GB including VAT).

Audio Examples...

Download Size Description
Remix Demo 1MB

A beat is heard, then a brief pause, then the beat is looped, and each repeat is given a different Chopan treatment. You can hear how different sounds are treated, sometimes just the snare, sometimes just the hi-hats.

Fretless Bass 764kB

The untreated sound of a fretless bass is followed by the same sound with a variety of panning options.

Guitar 658kB

A selection of 3 different guitar parts, in each case the untreated sound is heard first, then the treatment.


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