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Mathons was formed in 2004 in order to produce musical effects software. We believe that digital sound processing is capable of producing new responsive sounds which are impossible using analog techniques, and also that this is possible without losing the warmth and depth of analog sound.


Matthias Grob : basic ideas, graphics, mac version

Matthias as been working with electronics for 30 years, and programming for digital signal processing for 10 years, his experience as a performing musician and as sound engineer give him a unique insight into the making of intuitive user interfaces. As a result, he is a pioneer in polyphonic guitar effects with the PARADIS guitar, and is the inventor of Gibson's Digital Echoplex. Now, as a software programmer, he is working on inventions that would have been impractical or impossible using hardware.

Andy Butler: basic ideas, chopitch/chopan concepts, algorithm coding, graphics, web-site

Andy has been writing commercially used programs since 1981, and has been a performing musician since 1977. With Mathons his interest is to develop high quality algorithms for the processing of sounds in real time.



Johannes Schmid: basic structures and GUI, pitch bend suggestions

Bernhard Wagner: architecture specialist

Ted Killian graphic design

Lukas Schwitter interface advice