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To try our polyphonic plugins (PolyPlugs) you need a polyphonic guitar (also called divided, or hexaphonic in case of 6 strings) and some interface to connect each string to the computer. If you'd like to try out our Polyphonic Plugins then email us and we'll give you a link to download them, but please send details of your setup, including pickup type and wiring and specs of your pc or mac .

Polyphonic guitars (sometimes called MIDI ready...) have been offered for many years by Roland, Paradis, Godin, Frame, Parker, Fender, Gibson... Almost any guitar can be retrofit with a polyphonic pickup.

There are two kinds of pickups:
- piezo in the bridge, made by Paradis, RMC, Graphtech,,,
- magnetic like Roland GK2, Cycfy Neo...
in general, piezos sound better, have less noise, separate strings better, but are more dificult to build into the guitar.

Originally the PolyPlugs were created to work with the Paradis FireWire guitar. Now it can also be used with:
• Roland GR-10
• Keith McMillen’s StringPort
• Breakout box (RMC, Paradis PolySubbass, Septar, selfmade…) and 6 patch cables to any audio interface with more than 6 channels

The host software needs to be able to handle plugins with 6 inputs and 6 outputs, e.g. Cubase, Plogue Bidule, Max, AudioMulch, for live application we recommend Bidule because it works just like a virtual pedal board for guitar players with very flexible routing in an easy to understand graphical layout.

Different scenario for a studio environment:
- Cubase is suitable for polyphonic plugins. You can also use Bidule as a plugin in Cubase.
- For OSX, you can connect Bidule to any studio software through a software router like Jack.
- If the guitar is the base instrument, you can record it in Bidule and then transfer the sound files to any other recording software.

Apart from our plugins, we recommend some reverb and limiter plugin.

Our PolyControl can program all other plugins, so you can create global presets for all those plugins!

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